Januari rutan i #stickpoddstafetten

Den här första rutan är designad av mig @ciasbod_podcast på Instagram och Ciasbod på Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCadjhShw4le-9w0tr4nWxNQ

The first square in this years blanket

I am knitting my blanket in 2-ply wool yarn , sport weight, 300 meters/ 100 grams

I knitted my square on 4 mm needles, the finished square will be 20 x 20 cm

Cast on 71 stitches on a circular needle, knit back and forward

Place 1 marker before and after stitch number 36 ( 35+1+35)

  1. Knit all stitches to the first marker, slip marker, p 1, slip marker, knit the rest of the row ( back side)
  2. Knit all stitches until 2 st before first marker, k2tog, lift marker, k 1 st, k2tog, knit all stitches till end of row

Repeat these two rows until you have a finished square, I knitted 4 rows of each color

Good luck with your blanket/ Cia

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  1. Reema skriver:

    Hello ,, the square pattern is not in english ,, i want to work it ,, can you write it in english blz

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