This is the end of the #freesock2020

Everything started in the end of 2019 when I realized I had so much sock yarn in my stash and I wanted to knit it all into socks. I had also notised that Ravelry was filled with a lot of beautiful free sock patterns, and of course I wanted to knit them all 🙂

I thought that perhaps there where more people out there who was in the same situation as me. Everything is so much more fun when you do things together, so I decided to make a knit-a-long of my idea #freesock2020. The plan was to knit from the yarns we already bought before and pair them together with a free pattern and ”voila” a free sock was born 🙂

I tryed to pick patterns with different kinds of techniques, lace, cables, texture and so on, just to make it into something we could learn new things from. We normaly choose patterns that we feel comfortable with knitting, but with this knit-a-long I wanted to challenge myself and others to try out new things.

We have learned so many new thing during this year and it has been tuff some times, knitting and finishing one pair of socks every month, but we did it!! We can now proudly say we kitted 12 pairs of socks last year.

It is now the 1 of February and the time has come to close up this KAL #freesock2020.
I want to thank all of you who has been taking part in this knit a long with me. I hope you have learned some new thing during the year, I know I have.
95 people made it to the end and I have drawn a winner for this tread ” all 12 pairs”.

The last winner of this knit-a-long is ”Majlisstickar” congratulations to you and congratulations to all of us, we have all gained from this fun sock year we have shared together.

knitted socks are not included 🙂

Sponsores for this ”all 12 pair” are Bed of roses with a kit of her beautiful socks Paris Quadrifolia

and also a lovley maker @TextilaErika with one of her beautiful handmade project bags

Thank you so much for taking part as knitters, designers and sponsors

You can find all information about the patterns and sponsors through the year here:

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