The sock for August

This is the eight sock we are knitting this year and I think we have learned so much from all the patterns. I am sure, by now, you have a favorite way to knit your socks, toe up or cuff down, a favorite heel and also your preferred number of stitches to cast on.

The pattern we are knitting in August is not a pattern, more like notes on how to do the broken seed stitches. This is a sock you can knit as shorty socks, wrist socks or long stockings. You can use just two colors or go crazy in your left over basket and use as many colors as you want. I am so excited to see your socks this time and to hear witch way you will knit them.

The sock is called ”Broken Seed Stitch Socks” by Hanna Leväniemi and it is available in English and German.

This pattern has been knitted 6338 times and there is a lot of inspiration among those socks. I picked out six different socks here just to give you some idea of what you can do.

I hope you will find this sock as fun as I do.

Notes written by the designer:

Please note that these are just my notes rather than a complete pattern. Unfortunately there are no detailed instructions for the heel and the toe included in the pattern.

Despite the simpliness of this pattern, I decided to share the notes as a pattern just to make things easier – I kept the notes on my project page for a while but I thought this might be a better way.

October 29, 2014: German translation now available. Thank you Paiova for the translation and greetings and thank you to the Facebook group “Stricken macht Socken” (“knitting makes socks”)!

Sponsors for August is – Hobbii with sock yarn

The winner will be announced here later…….SUSSEW is the winner for August

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