December sock – the last sock in #freesock2020

For this last sock in #freesock2020 I thought it would be perfect to use up all small bits of your sock yarns, that you still have left. This is the kind of sock that you can knit in two colors or in 20 colors 🙂 just do what you find suits your stash of sock yarns or taste 🙂

I think by now you can choose to knit this from the toe up or cuff down, using your favorit heel. You can also make them as long as you like, maybe you want them as long stockings.

Esther was originally designed as an advent calendar for a small group of knitters. The idea was to use leftover yarns and the socks can be knit with various color combinations. 
The design is worked from the cuff down, and it has a short-row heel.

Esther comes in two sizes; M is good for an average female foot and L for a large female/small male foot. The length of the sock is easily adjustable by leaving out a part of the pattern or adding some for extra length.

SIZE: M (approx. EU39) and L (approx. EU42)

Main Color (MC), approx. 55g/220m for size L 
Contrast colors: 
Color 1 (CC1) approx. 12g/48m 
Color 2 (CC2) approx. 12g/48m 
Color 3 (CC3) approx. 8g/32m 
Color 4 (CC4) approx. 8g/32m 
Color 5 (CC5) approx. 12g/48m

Sponsors in december

For the sock yarn kit is a swedish indiedyer called Tant kofta –

The bag is handmade by Maria Severin and the needle cozy is from my English sponsor 🙂

Thank you so much

Winner will be annoncef here: Powerofwool congratulations 🎉🎉🎉.

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  1. Colette Bouvier skriver:

    Bonjour Cia!
    I’m so happy to discover your web shop and You Tube channel. You make amazingly beautiful things; so inspiring.

    I will look forward to your next vlog.

    Take care, stay well.

    Quebec, Canada

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