Pod 84 Spinning my threads together

Information about the Fårö sweater KAL – https://www.ravelry.com/discuss/ciasbod-podcast/4086379/1-25#3

Information about freesock2020 https://ciasbod.se/category/freesocks2020/

Advent KAL`s going on

Podcasts doing vlogmas/ Advent episodes

Finished objects

Places you can bye metallic buttons, swedish webshops

Work in progress

from the book https://www.bokus.com/bok/9789113074054/sticka-for-de-sma-mossor-vantar-trojor-koftor-byxor-och-accessoarer/


  • Leftover fibers and yarn from bobin
  • Gotland, Finewool, Pink Alpaca/ mohair
  • BFL/ Tussa silk

Thank you for watching/ Cia

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  1. Aulikki Niemi skriver:

    Thanks again for your great youtube video! I am always looking forward to your podcast!! I love your cardigan. So good. It fits you perfect!!! You said you might write some notes / short direction notes about it? I love to see those in your blog when you have a change and time to get to it…..

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