Pod 99 – Inside out

I guess I am a bit more confused than I thought 🙂 I realized while edeting that I have been wearing my top inside out the hole time !! Well thats just how it is

Today am wearing my Armor top ( inside and out 🙂 ) https://studio.youtube.com/video/-XSwVixC9nk/edit. https://ciasbod.se/armor/

Finished objects

Socks – https://www.jarbo.se/sv/8-07-klassiska-raggsockor-i-mellanraggi.html

Hair bun – https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hair-bun

Works in progress

Top down raglan t-shirt – no pattern

leaf shawl http://www.forsbackaull.se/108378207


Merino/ silk and Merino/ nylon 700 meters 190 grams

Spinning meetup

Emma – https://www.facebook.com/garnbyran

Next meetups 18 Juli – 15 August

Woolly gifts for me

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